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Our Services

Property Maintenance 


  • Objectives: provide an outdoor living space that is practical, functional, economical, as well as aesthetically pleasing

  • Pride ourselves on craftsmanship, overall design of your wall/patio/walkways, and unmatched attention to detail

  • Colors, patterns, and design done right the first time!

  • Goal: preserve each property according to the contract specifications

  • Follow sound horticultural practices yearly to ensure 100% customer satisfaction

  • Weekly lawn maintenance, fertilizing, fall/spring cleanup, leaf cleanup, debris/garbage removal, bush trimming, prune hedges & trees (also will keep lookout for disease/infestation), weed maintenance, fix lawn damage from snow plow, reseed patches, mulching

  • Objectives: provide a cleaner, safer look for your property

  • Prune large limbs

  • Reshape bottom of tree lines, reshape/prune dead branches, monitor for disease/infestation

  • Can cut down 20-25 ft. max (depending on trunk size & tree location)

  • Objectives: Provide customers with simple or elaborate designs for landscape beds

  • Use high quality plants with a 2-year warranty

  • Top quality soil & fertilizer

  • Literature provided on plant maintenance

  • Also offer packages for maintaining the lawn growing perfectly as well as entire lawn maintenance (beds/lawns, bush trimming, weeds, edging, spring/fall cleanups)

Design and Installation

Tree Removal

Additional Services

Snow and Ice Management

  • Objectives: provide a safe property by using plows, trucks, salting capabilities, and ground crews to ensure driveways, walkways, and sidewalks stay snow & ice free

  • Available 24/7 during snowstorms

  • Fully insured for commercial liability, workers compensation, and property damage

  • Access to dumptruck/backhoes for snow pile relocation

  • ​Landscape bed rejuvenation/renovation, modernizing the landscape, planting, plant recommendations, pruning/trimming in a timely fashion, checking for disease/infestation, landscape lighting (house, bushes/trees, walls, for security)

  • Debris cleanup, fertilizing, spring/fall cleanup

  • Enhance pool area:

    • Shrub coloring​

    • privacy tree/bushes

    • pave surface with unique borders

    • install lawn areas

    • color mulches

    • variety stones

    • place stones under wood decks

    • fill in old pools that have been removed with dirt/soil

Our goal is to provide a professional, functional, and presentable landscape to businesses and residents.


Our main services include: Hardscaping, Property Maintenance, Design and Installation, Tree Removal, Snow and Ice Management. 

If you do not see a service listed that you were looking for, feel free to contact us and let us know what you need!

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